Juniper Hill painted cottage furniture
Painted Cottage Furniture, Shabby Chic
Hand painted restored Furniture, Farmhouse, Beach Cottage, Shabby Chic, French Cottage
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French Stenciled sideboard
Available Furniture~Immediate Shipping
Shabby Chic French Provincial dresser
Shabby chic tall poster bed white with roses
Shabby Chic tall dresser with rose garland crystal knobs
Mid century Modern matched nightstands
Flip top shabby chic vanity
Matched set Farmhouse painted nightstands
Ethan Allen Twin bed shabby chic white
shabby chic pineapple post full bed
twin bed shabby chic white with roses
Shabby chic twin bed set
Sideboards, Buffets, Credenza's, Breakfronts
 Available Dressers
Coastal Seaglass Sideboard Painted
60" long 20"  Deep 37.5" tall
French Farmhouse Sideboard with Time~Worn Stencils
37.5 Inches; Width: 60 Inches; Depth: 20 Inches

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Height: 33.5 Inches; Width: 62 Inches; Depth: 21.5 Inches
French Provincial Dresser, Cottage Chic Dresser, Baby Changing Station Creamy White with Rose Floral Appliques, light Distressing.
Shabby Chic tall dresser with rose appliques
Height: 32.35 Inches; Width: 55 Inches; Depth: 19.25 Inches
Vintage Painted Dresser, Taupe, Beige, Painted Sideboard, Chalk Paint with Protective Over coating.
Height: 38.5 Inches; Width: 45.5 Inches; Depth: 21.5 Inches
Vintage Shabby Painted Cottage Chic Creamy White Dresser with Floral Appliques and Light Distressing.
Height: 47 Inches; Width: 35 Inches; Depth: 20 Inches
Vintage Painted Cottage Chic Creamy White Dresser with Floral Appliques and Light Distressing.
44 1/2" tall, 36" wide, 20 1/4' deep
Vintage Painted Shabby Cottage Chic Tall Dresser with Rose Floral Appliques light distressing.

 Available Nightstands, Vanities
Height: 26.5 Inches; Width: 26.5 Inches; Depth: 20 Inches     Vintage Set of Nightstands, Beach Cottage Style, Farmhouse, Painted Cottage Chic
Height: 29 Inches; Width: 16.5 Inches; Depth: 18 Inches
Vintage Set of Mid Century Modern Nightstands, Shabby Cottage Chic
41.5" wide 19.5" deep 28.75 tall
Vanity Painted white Vintage with Floral Appliques, Flip top Vanity, Painted Chic, Shabby Chic
Top: 49 1/2" tall Bottom: 44" tall
Full Size Chic and Shabby Rose Embellished Vintage Bed Painted, Pineapple Post.
Top: 44 1/2" tallBottom: 36" tall
Full Size Painted Cottage Chic Rose Embellished Vintage Cannonball Bed, Shabby
Top posters: 70" Bottom posters 70”
Full Size Chic and Shabby Rose Embellished Vintage Bed Painted, Tall Posters
 Available Full Size Beds
 Available Twin Beds
Twin bed set Shabby Cottage Chic White Distressed Beds
Twin Bed, Painted Cottage Shabby Style, White Distressed Furniture
Twin Bed, Cottage Chic White Rose Appliques, Vintage, Painted Restored Lightly Distressed 
Shabby chic painted dresser with rose appliques
Coastal Farmhouse Hutch, Step back Huch, Credenza
Height: 70 Inches; Width: 48 Inches; Depth: 17 Inches
Upholstered Shabby Chic Pink full bed
Headboard 49 3/4" tall  Foot board 25.5" tall
Dusty Pink Rose Upholstered Bed, Shabby Chic
Shabby Chic Double full bed
 Available Queen Size Beds
Shabby Chic white bed with roses
Top: Height: 71.75 Inches; Width: 65 Inches
Queen Size Bed Shabby Cottage Chic Farmhouse Painted Bed
Twin Beds, Matched French Provincial upholstered in Irish Linen, Greige with Gold touches.
Farmhouse painted hutch
Coastal Chic Seaglass China Cabinet
38" wide, 19" deep 48" tall

Coastal seaglass china cabinet
coastal sideboard
Coastal Farmhouse Sideboard, vintage painted
66.5" long 22" Deep 42.5" tall
farmhouse painted sideboard white
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Farmhouse Hutch, Credenza, Chalk Painted, new Bin Pulls, Knobs
Bottom: 56 inches wide, 70.5" inches tall, 19 inches deep
farmhouse hutch white